Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has become an important marketing tool all over the world. Referred to as “grassroots marketing”, “driving brands with purpose”, “cause-related marketing” or “purpose driven marketing”, there are many names for one common idea; Marketing that has a positive social impact and growing brand health through sustainability.

Triple Eight is the leading expert in Southern Africa on campaigns that link brands to strong social causes to win over consumers and communities by doing good and making a difference. Customers will naturally gravitate towards brands they feel are doing their part for the environment. At Triple Eight, our CSR motto has always been: People. Planet. Profit. Not only is CSR good business sense, but it also provides value to the environment and to the people who use your products.

Triple Eight specializes in creating Proprietary Corporate Social Responsibility programmes for organisations and companies.  Our business savvy clients want programmes that strongly reflect what they stand for, align with their purpose and positively impact their brand equity and sales.

We have created some of the largest and most recognized CSI campaigns in South Africa.  With a full time team of social workers, nurses, educators, behavior change experts and marketing professionals we ensure project execution and reporting excellence.

CSR Facts:

  • >48 proprietary CSR programmes developed to date
  • Partnerships with Ministries of Health, Education and Social Development in South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia and Mozambique
  • Campaign partnerships with more than 60 NGOs
  • Idea-sharing partnerships with overseas NGOs
  • USAID Award for Excellence in Health Communication in Africa 2015 – a prestigious award for our Durex CONNECT-ED behavior change programme


Triple Eight has a strong focus on empowering women and young girls.  Our business helps uplift women in 3 key ways:

  1. Through our employment, mentoring and development of women in our workplace.
  2. Through the opportunities we provide to young girls and unemployed women in our Brand Ambassador and Healthcare worker programmes
  3. Through the positive change and impact we bring about for the beneficiaries of our programmes.

We also provide a bursary to a high school girl child each year, as well as supporting our in-house girl mentorship programme.


Malaria Prevention


Maternal and Child Health


School Programs


Tel: (+27) 11 463 0888

Email: info@tripleeight.co.za

Address: 50 Old Kilcullen Road,
Bryanston, 2191
South Africa

At Triple Eight, every brand is lead through our team of strategists, creatives, behavior change experts, partners and global panel of professionals to ensure that, whether it’s a marketing or CSR campaign or something completely new, it hits the mark for brilliance and achievement. We conceptualise, design, create, partner, plan, execute and report with our reputed style of cutting edge and unrivalled excellence each and every time.

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