#FMAdFocus2019: People, planet and profit


The 2019 Financial Mail AdFocus Awards at the Houghton Golf Club in Johannesburg, was a glittering affair, but the industry showed it is much more than just glamour, as the winners demonstrated a clear commitment to purpose and giving back to the industry. None more so than the Overall Agency of the Year, Triple Eight.

Purpose with impact

The agency, which also took home Specialist Agency of the Year, the Transformation Award and the African Impact Award, is a purpose-driven agency that focuses not only on business results, but also social results. “Our focus on purpose is not cosmetic, so our campaigns and partnerships are about making a real and positive impact on people, planet and profit, which is what Triple Eight stands for,” says Sarika Modi, founder and director of Triple Eight.

Being awarded the Overall Agency of the Year Award, while surprising, is both humbling and an honour, she adds. “We are thrilled that the industry is recognising the role purpose has to place and the role agencies and clients have to play in fostering a better South Africa and Africa.”

As an all-female agency, the Transformation Award is also a special award. “Being recognised for having a big impact in an industry that is still quite male-dominated is an inspiration for us and to others,” she says.


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