Triple 8 launched a one-of-a-kind, World’s-First-Ever Festive “Little Generosity Shop” – where the only currency traded was Mzansi-style generosity.

Expecting to go on a shopping spree, this experience created unforgettable disruption as shoppers discovered that the hundreds of toys and books beautifully displayed, including on SA’s first-ever “Generosi-Tree” were to be given to children who would not have any to unwrap on the big day.

At our festive wrapping stations, our innovative Cadbury 2-in-1 wrapping paper captivated shoppers who could have gifts wrapped for their children.  Printed on the inside, were festive homegrown stories from the Cadbury Digital Library, in all 11 languages, for families to enjoy quality reading time together. The paper was craft-fully folded over each gift without cutting through the story and included pockets of chocolates so that each generous act would include Cadbury.


  • We attained a full partnership with Sandton City within the Checkers Court for a full month + Gateway Mall
  • Reach: 3,055,132
  • Engagements: 2,752,532
  • Sales increase: 11% & 7% in vicinity
  • Total acts of generosity: KPI 100,000 – exceeded by 122%.

This Activation achieved a 2.2x ROI for the brand and was further leveraged across digital, PR & media.




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