Triple 8 elevated the Eno brand to new heights by implementing a multi-faceted strategy that addressed various challenges. To make Eno stand out in crowded event spaces, Triple 8 employed creative marketing tactics and unique activations that caught consumers’ attention and left a lasting impression. We ensured that Eno was triggered at the right moments for consumers through strategic partnerships and promotions, ensuring it was top of mind when needed most. In addition, Triple 8 crafted strong and consistent messaging that emphasized Eno’s relief within six seconds establishing it as the trusted and preferred accessible solution for digestive discomfort. This messaging created a strong differentiation for the brand, making it instantly recognizable and preferred among consumers, further solidifying Eno’s position in the market.


  • Total Reach = 485 000
  • Total Engagement = 35 328
  • User Generated Content Reach = 458 720



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At Triple Eight, every brand is lead through our team of strategists, creatives, behavior change experts, partners and global panel of professionals to ensure that, whether it’s a marketing or CSR campaign or something completely new, it hits the mark for brilliance and achievement. We conceptualise, design, create, partner, plan, execute and report with our reputed style of cutting edge and unrivalled excellence each and every time.

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