University Activations

Durex tasked us with creating an unforgettable campaign for safe sex advocacy whilst promoting the Durex brand to young adults.

Research shows that condom use at first sexual activity is an indicator for ongoing consistent use lifelong. Durex wanted to build brand equity and develop a sampling drive for Durex products at universities countrywide.
Triple Eight realized that run-of-the mill education was not going to hit the mark with cool-kids at universities. We needed something bold, edgy and thought-provoking, using the sexy confident and playful voice of the Durex brand.
Triple Eight conceptualized and created the Durex “Kampus Sutra – What’s Your Position?” campaign. Students were invited to show us “your position on safer sex” at our photo set featuring blow up dolls and black boards on which to express their views.


  • Distributed over 100 000 condoms over 3 weeks
  • Mass participationg – average length of queues to participate in the campaign was 1 hour
  • We beat our KPIs by more than 200%
  • Reached over 400 000 students at UCT, Stellenbosch University, UKZN, Wits and the University of Johannesburg
  • Campaign was deemed a massive success by Durex and university students
  • 6 additional universities contacted us requesting the campaign



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